Hiiii! I’m Bunny Mickley. This is my diary. 🙂

If you wanna get better at something, you gotta practice, practice, and then practice again and again. Or at least that’s what they tell me!

This blog isn’t anything real and it’s nothin’ that anyone should wanna read ’cause it’s just me writing down how my day went each day. I tryta do it once a day but sometimes I miss.

I’ve been writing things down like this for a long time but I sometimes misplace the so I figured I’d start a blog and stuffs and let the computer keep track of it.

Thank you for looking at it I guess! I am sorry if it’s just a boring ramble cause a lot of times that’s how life is. 🙂

(And now for some of the only “grown up” words on this blog…)

Yeah, this is my diary. In real life I’m a computer geek, a people manager, and a kidfur. I’m also an adult.

I use this diary as a way to relax each night and wind down from the stress of the day. It’s nice for me to write things “in character” as it forces me to shift gears and flip into kid mode.

I have a dream of some day being a good story teller, but the only way to make that dream happen is to practice, and practice a lot. This blog is me practicing, by just telling the story of my day.

There’s honestly no reason to read this blog. 🙂 It’s just for my own use. I’m hoping over time I can see my story telling improve as I go, but who knows. I’m sure as heck gonna try, however. ❤