January 4th, 2019

Today was a mixed day.

I don’t really feel much like writing in here but I said I would tryta keep it going so I am. This has been a good week at school cause I got a lot done, but outside of school things have been really boring and I’m pretty lonely right now.

I’m still mostly sick and I don’t like that. My ears hurt all of the time and they keep clearing a little when I swallow but then plug back up again.

My laundry service used the wrong detergent on my clothes so now I’m havin a hard time wearing them because, yeah, of course, my allergies to smells and stuff and they are gonna re-wash them but ugh. And then today my nice clothes didn’t get delivered because a car broke down. 😦

Nite nite world. Hopefully I will be happier tomorrow.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 20th, 2018

Today was a day of gettin back to normal after bein kinda sick for a buncha days cause I am allergic to cats and it stinks cause I think cats are really cute but I can’t touch them cause I get stick.

I’ve been at Mom’s house now for a few days and the first few days I got kinda sick cause of all of the cat hair in my room and I didn’t like it very much and eventually I got to where I was so sick I hadta say something. Then I did and Mom and Uncle Jessie decided to help me out and they removed the carpet from my room and not as a punishment or anything.

Mom said after they got out the carpet they were able sweep up soooooooooo much dust cat hair that it was super grooooooooss. She said that the bottom of the mop bucket had a layer of mud on the bottom of it after they were done. I had been learnin about how gross carpet can be and I had no idea it was THAT gross but now I know!

So now I’m gettin better. Today I felt mostly myself and I bet it takes a few days but I should get back to normal. And I felt all weird that they would do that for me but I know it’s because they love me and want me to not be sick. I was like “I can’t believe they’d hurt the house for me” and then I was like “wow, they love me so much that they’d hurt the house for me,” and that was kinda crazy to think about.

Now I get to help pick what kinda floor we put it next and I wanna do something that’s a hard surface that I can just mop if a cat gets in or somethin cause I am allergic to cats.

I am very happy that I am feeling better ’cause tonight we watched movies and had Chinese food and things were pretty much normal and this is the best I’ve felt while at Mom’s house in a very long time and that is good.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.