December 8th, 2018

Today was a day of helping find bunnies homes, watchin a movie, and learnin that the cookie dough flavor of the snack things my doctor recommended to me are grosssssss.

This mornin I went and picked up three bunnies at the shelter and put them in my car to take them to help find them homes! This was all of the bunnies at the shelter and the lady at the front was like “okay, got it, no bunnies today!” and that was kinda cool cause they useta have like 40 at one point but now they’re down to just three and we’re all kinda proud of that.

When we got to the rabbit rescue event it wasn’t all that busy but it was nice to talk to people and three bunnies found their forever home which is awesome! It’s soooo nice when bunnies get homes like that.

None of the ones I brought from the shelter got adopted so I hadta take them back but I told them sorry and that we’d try again next week and they were like “I don’t care, there is a piece of banana in my cage now and that makes it all okay,” so I just let them nom the banana.

This evening I flopped on the sofa with Miss Bunny and the two of us watched a movie at home and I like that cause I have a good place at home to watch movies and it was nice to rent one and enjoy watchin it. I turned the computer off and everything so that I could watch it without gettin distracted and it worked good.

Oh! On the way home from the rabbit shelter I tried one of those bar things that my doctor recommended for when I get hungry but don’t want a lot of sugar and it was really icky. I got three different flavors to try it out but the cookie dough one is pretty gross and I won’t get one of those again.

After that I went to Rocket City for a while and hung out with people and I had a lot of fun and I showed someone the pool in the basement and they were like “THERE’S A POOL!?” and I was like “of course there is why wouldn’t there be?”

Tomorrow I gotta some chores and get ready for a buncha days goin to the city cause a bunch of people from my school are gonna be there that I don’t getta see much and it will be nice to see them.

…and that is the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 2nd, 2018

Today was a day of a bunch of rabbits finding homes! Hooray!

The rabbit rescue has been goin back and forth from Saturday to Sunday and lately the Sunday events have been reallllly big so we didn’t know what to expect today but the last one was dead so we didn’t think much was gonna happen and WOW were we wrong.

Star goin “ahhhhhhh I’ve been adopted and this is great cause now I can go home to a living room and my forever family and I am gonna play soooooo much now that I can and I love my new family a whole lot”

I got there kinda early cause the Sunday things start at 1pm and are only supposta be two hours and the Saturday ones start at noon and are three hours. Me and someone else got setup goin and we did good gettin all set up on time and that part was all good.

But when the event started it got soooooo busy! I normally take a LOT of photos but this week I only took eight and that’s not very many but it’s okay cause I helped teach people about rabbits. I helped three people learn about how to care for a rabbit roommate and it made me feel good and I like that I got to help.

So the event was supposeta stop at three but we ended up goin past four and I didn’t get back to the shelter to bring the rabbit that I brought with me back there until after they’d closed which never happens but it did this time and they were like “YAY!” cause Star got adopted.

Athena bein’ all pouty that she didn’t get a home today and I told her that we’ll try again next week and I gave her some raisins for a treat when she got back.

The other rabbit that I brought was Athena and today was not her lucky day but we’ll try again next week and we’ll keep on tryin until she gets a home too and it was so crazy that there are now eight less homeless rabbits in the world. 💜

After the adoption event I got din din at one of my favorite places but I think I am gonna stop doin that cause I left feelin’ like I’d ate so much that it hurt and that’s not a good thing so I’m gonna cut back on the number of times that I go there.

After din din I came home and took a shower and watched a movie on TV while playin around in Rocket City and there were a lotta people there and we talked about how crazy it is that a furry con had more than 10,000 people at it for the first time and WOW that’s a lotta furries in one place and it’s neat.

Now it’s time for bed and I can go to bed happy knowin’ that I helped make eight rabbits not be homeless today.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.