Today was a day of a me bein late to somethin I don’t like bein late to and then spending a lot of time in Rocket City and thinkin about doing Christmas decorating but accidentally spending hours working on making things less laggy instead.

I slept in suuuuuuuper late cause I was really tried and my new blanket is soooo soft and nice and then I got breakfast like normal and I was about to go visit Rocket City but my phone beeped to tell me that I had ten minutes to be someplace that was 20 minutes away and I was like oh no! So I texted the person that I was gonna meet up with and said I was gonna be late and she said that was okay and then it all worked out and got my eyebrows done and everything is okay now.

Then I got a burrito for lunch and then came home and started making it Christmas time at Rocket City. I pulled the Christmas tree outta my pocket but realized that we’d used it the last two years and decided it was time for a new one so I rezzed a block and figured out that a 8m tall tree is about what I wanted so I went out to find one.

The first place I went to was sooooooooo laggy that I could barely move and I was like whoa and decided that I should go home and make sure that my place wasn’t like that cause it was really bad so I went home.

When I got home I started lookin for laggy things and then started removing them and replacing them with better things and that took like four hours and then it was time for dinner so I just had some leftover pizza and it was yummy.

I finished the day by hangin out at the fireplace with a bunch of people in Rocket City and then decided I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed but couldn’t get to bed, so I decided to just be creative and write stuffs so I did.

And that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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