Today was a day of school and relaxin’ and a good din din and watching TV and talking to people in Rocket City and stuffs.

I got up suuuuuuuper early cause I had a really rough night last night cause I got up a bunch of times and then when it was time to get up I really didn’t wanna but I knew it was school time so I did cause I didn’t wanna get in trouble. Hopefully tonight I sleep better and it will be okay!

School was mostly okay and I hadta talk to people for a while all by myself and I did a okay job and I am gettin better at that all the time cause it was really hard on me at first but the more I do it the better I am gettin. I never figured I would be a leader at school but now I am and I am learning how to do it as I go.

Lunch was the same thing as always and I’m not sure I really wanna do that anymore but it’s what I had so it’s what I ate. I am ready to learn how to do new things for lunch and stuff.

When school was over I went to get breakfast for dinner because breakfast is the best thing ever no matter what Mr. Lit might say.

When I got home I played around in Rocket City for a while and I talked to people and Mr. Silvers showed up and that was neat ’cause I haven’t seen him in forevers and it was good to talk to him. Also Miss Wood was there and Erika and Bean.

I gotta go to bed now and I just really wanna sleep good cause I am all worn out and the rabbit rescue isn’t tomorrow ’cause it’s on Sunday so I can sleep as late as I want!

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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