Today was another day of helping rabbits find homes!

We had six bunnies find homes today at the rabbit rescue and that’s really good! We started the day with ten and ended with four so yay!

I went to the Oakland Animal Services place to look at the bunnies but all of them were still on hold so they couldn’t come but next week they’ll be able to so I guess that’s really good.

This bun is like “Hello, Bunny!”

We got the year off to a good start and that’s really great and I’m happy for all of the bunnies that found homes. šŸ’œ

After that I went to get din din and I got fish and chips like normal and then I came home and I watch a whole bunch of a TV show called “My 600lbs Life” which is really inspiring ’cause I did a lotta stress eating last year and I gained some weight and now I wanna take it off and I’m making small changes to try to do it slowly cause I don’t got enough extra weight to want to lose 80 lbs in a month or something that I shouldn’t be doing without a doctor helping me.

Now I’m all sleepy and I’m ready to go to bed!

….and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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