Today was a day of gettin’ a lot of stuff and bein’ super scared that I was about to take a nap on the floor when I didn’t mean to again.

I didn’t sleep good last night so I had a hard time gettin up this mornin cause I didn’t really wanna get out of bed cause I got up like five times in the night to pee so I just didn’t get a lotta sleep. But eventually I did and I got to school kinda early so I guess that was okay.

Then alllll morning I hadta a lot of people to talk to so I did and then I had lunch but I had lunch kinda late and I got really worried that I was about to take a nap again and I don’t even know why I was but after last week I’m just kinda paranoid about it right now. But I didn’t cause I had lunch and it was all fine.

Then after lunch I got a lotta stuff done at school cause people didn’t need to talk to me so I did a lotta things and I got a lot done and I like that part.

After school I got a burrito for din din and then decided to get allllllll of my fur clean so I took a kinda shower and washed my hairfur really good and now it looks nice again and kinda smells good which is nice cause it was startin’ to get kinda oily and gross but now it’s not.

After that I went to go play at Rocket City but Lit was asleep in front of the fire and as much as I wanted to play dressup with him I decided I would be nice and not do that even if I am sure I could make him look all pretty.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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