Today was a day of gettin stuffs done! I read sooooooooo many emails and I wrote a bunch and I talked to a lotta people and I got some cleanin done and I took a shower and I got dressed and I washed my paws and I cleaned up the car and I talked to a lotta people and I updated my computers and I slept good!

It was not all that cold durin’ the day here and that meant I could open some of the windows so I did and now there is lots of fresh air in my house and I like that. Now they’re all closed ’cause it’s cold again and the heater is on but it was nice for a bit and I liked the fresh air.

I have been thinkin about how much nicer it is right now that the air isn’t poison and I am glad it is almost always like this ’cause it’s nice.

Oh guess what I had for lunch today? A big bowl of lima beans! Yum! I love lima beans I just wish I could find some of the big ones ’cause the little ones aren’t nearly as good but that’s what I could find in the store. I am really good and makin’ them cause all I gotta do is put them in a bowl with a little bit of water and then microwaving a bunch and then stopping about half way and stirring it and then letting it microwave even more. When it’s all done I put salt on them and they are sooooo yummy. I really like lima beans.

It’s kinda early for me to be goin to bed but I gotta get up early tomorrow ’cause I gotta go into San Francisco again and normally I don’t on Fridays but I am gonna tomorrow cause I gotta go see the vet and talk to her about how I took a nap on the stairs and how I don’t wanna do that anymore. I also wanna start thinkin about gettin in better shape so we are gonna talk about that too cause I don’t know a lot about how to eat good stuffs so it’s time that I learn I think.

After school I went to Rocket City and there were a lotta people there and we sat around the fire and were like “ahhhhh this is nice” and I did like that and I wish I could do that more ’cause it’s nice when there are a lotta people there. 💜

I dunno if I’ll get as much done tomorrow as I did today but I am gonna try!

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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