Today was a day of talking to a looooooooooooot of people!

I was suuuuper busy all day at school with people to talk to. I talked to so many that it was over ten and I used the phone a lot and wow was it busy but I think I got a lot done so that’s good.

It was all cold and rainin’ this morning so I got a biiig cup of coffee while waiting for the boat to school and then I drank it on the boat so I got to San Francisco all warm and cozy. But then I hadta hop a long ways in the rain so I got all wet anyhow, but I got MORE coffee when I to school and that warmed me up again.

Oh! I got a salad for lunch but ’cause there’s no romaine leaves right now they gave me a giant spinach salad and it was aaamazing and I loved it! I wish they would do it like that all of the time.

Then after school I went to go meet up with someone that was gonna teach me a few things but there was soooo much traffic in San Francisco that it took over an hour to get there and I didn’t like that part. I dunno why there was so much traffic ’cause it wasn’t rainin’ then but it’s like every road that was going towards Market was blocked up. I just pretended all of the red lights were Christmas light and that helped some but still I didn’t like how long it took.

I finally did meet up with the person and we talked for a long time and then we took a car ride home and now I’m home and ready for bed! I hope I sleep good tonight cause I gotta get up early in the morning.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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