Today was a day of more talking to people at school! I did a lotta talking. Like a whole lot. Way more than normal.

I got up super early today so that I could get to San Francisco early and I did but then I ended up staying late so I guess that was okay.

Before lunch I did a lotta talking to people like that’s all I did alllll day. Sooo much talking. And not a lotta emails which I don’t like but that’s just how it went!

Oh! I did somethin new for lunch. I went to a place right next to school for a bowl of stuffs and I got rice and chicken and salsa and it was really good! I’m sad I didn’t know it was there until today because I really liked it, but I have eatin a lot of junk food in the last two days and I am ready to get back to normal.

After lunch I did more talkin to people! SOoooooooo much talkin.

Then we had dinner at school, and I really liked it. I got to talk to a bunch of people face-to-face and we joked a lot about the thing we were workin on at school and it was funny ’cause I was in the room with a lot of the smartest people at school and we couldn’t figure out how own thing worked and wow it was hard but we figured it out mostly.

Tomorrow I gotta do a kinda normal Wednesday so I gotta get to bed now so that I can sleep so nite nite!

….and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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