Today was a day of seeing the vet, talking to people, getting zapped, and saying bye bye to a friend for now!

This morning I went to the paw vet to get my paws looked at ’cause one of them is gonna get surgeried in a few weeks and he looked at them again and took an X-Ray and it’s like “oh that’s why this hurts so much” and now I know and now I know what the vet is gonna do to fix it ’cause it hurts a lot and I am sure I will be writing about that a lot in the future.

Then I went to school and talked to a lot of people and it was okay and we talked a whole lot and then we ran outta coffee so I was like “if you make the pot run dry, please make more” and a lot of people said thank you to me for saying that so I guess it was okay!

This afternoon I went to get zapped and I got zapped a lot and it hurt but it wasn’t that bad really and I’m almost done! My fur looks a lot better now and I’m glad it’s almost done and I’m gonna be happy when it is.

After that I met up with some people from school and we had dinner and I liked that and then at the end me and a friend walked all the way to the ferry building and then they waited for my ferry to come and I really enjoyed it. It is harder and harder to tell them good bye each time and this one was suuuuuuuper hard. But there will be a next time so it’s not all bad.

Also this happened:

Screenshot 2018-12-12 22.11.08
Oh no.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

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