December 17th, 2018

Today was a day of making a nice nest for myself!

School was kinda boring today cause a lotta people were out and it just wasn’t all that fun but it was okay cause I wasn’t suuuuuper busy and I didn’t even have a lot of people to talk to today.

At lunch I had a giant bowl of lima beans and I showed Mom how I like them cooked so now she knows and now she can make them for me sometimes and I think that’s neat.

After school was a lotta fun!! Me and Mom went out on a trip and we went to IKEA and I got a new chair that’s suuuuper comfy that I am sitting in right now as I write this and it’s yellow and it’s nice. It was hard to get into the car but me and Mom figured it out and that was hard ’cause it was super heavy but it’s all done and now it’s inside and put together.

Then we went out for pizza! I like pizza a lot. I got one with a lotta good stuff on it and Mom got one with sweet potato on it and that was weird but she said she liked it so that’s good I guess.

When we got home we put my chair together and then moved things around to make a nice nest area for me and now I like it a lot and I am lookin forward to a bunch of days here over Christmas cause now I have a place of my own that’s my own little area and that’s really good.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 16th, 2018

Today was a day of a lot of driving! Zoooooooooom!

When I got up this morning  I was at my house and now I am at my Mom house which is like 12 hours away and I made it there in one day!

I have made this drive a lotta times but this time it rained almost the whole way and it was a really long drive in the rain and I am glad it’s done. I was gonna wash my car but now I don’t gotta but I’m still gonna do it anyhow cause the windows are all messy and stuff and the car wash will fix that.

I listened to an audio book the whole way and it was really deep stuff but I feel good for listenin to it cause it’s important stuff that impacts me a lot and it’s nice to know that I am not alone.

When I got to Mom’s house I had a sandwich and we unloaded the car and we played SNES some and it was a lotta fun.

Now I am all sleepy and it’s time to go to bed ’cause I gotta go to school tomorrow and I wanna do my best while in school.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 15th, 2018

Today was a day of helping people and getting my hair cut!

This morning was pretty boring but okay! When I got up I wasn’t in a hurry so I slept in and I took a shower and I got a bagel for breakfast ’cause I wanted a treat and it was really yummy.

Then after that I got a call from the person that runs the rabbit rescue with some computer questions and eventually I was like “I can help with that!” and I went over to go her her at her house and we talked a bunch and I got to meet her rabbit and his name is Henry and he is an angora bunny and he is really cute.

But that made me really late for lunch so I got a late lunch and then went and got my hair cut and now it looks really nice which is good ’cause I’m leaving tomorrow to go spend a looooooong time with my family for Christmas and I am very excited about that.

When I got home I couldn’t decide if I wanted din din or not and decided that I didn’t cause I’d just eaten lunch so late but now I am kinda wishin I had.

After that I did some work to get ready to go out of town and I’m not app packed up yet but I know what I wanna pack so I think it will be all okay!

Then as I was getting ready for bed I remembered that I didn’t tell the story of my day so I figured I should do that and then I changed the filters in my air filter so that it’s all ready to deal with mom’s cat tomorrow.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 14th, 2018

Today was a day of being suuuuuper hungry and getting new artwork for my bedroom and watching sappy movies!

When I got up this mornin’ I forgot that I was out of milk again so I ate my cereal without milk again and it was okay again. But now the cereal is all done so I’m not gonna get any more cause I’m gonna use other things for breakfast that has less sugar in it even if sugar is the bestest stuff in the world.

Around lunch time I got suuuuuper hungry. Like so hungry I was shaking and was worried that I was gonna take a nap again. So I made myself a big giant bowl of lima beans which was great and I really like lima beans so I’m gonna have those a lot for lunch in the future I think cause they are healthier than the peanut butter and honey I’d been eatin’.

Oh! I also got some new artwork for my walls cause the thing I got framed was done and it looks really good and I am happy to have it on my wall.

Then after dinner I watched two sappy movies on TV or at least I tried to do it. One of them was and one of them was pretty dumb ’cause it was supposta be in set in a trailer park but I don’t think it was very real even if I’ve never been in a trailer park but I think it made people that live in one of those seem really silly and not very smart and I know that is not right.

Then I went to Rocket City and I hung out and talked to people for a while and I had fun but eventually I started fallin’ asleep on the sofa so I decided it was time to go to bed so I decided to write this and then go to bed and tomorrow I have a busy day!

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 13th, 2018

Today was a day of gettin’ caught up! I was sooooooooo busy this week so far that I fell behind in things and that’s not good.

The morning started out kinda weird ’cause I forgot that I didn’t have any milk so I just ate my cereal without any and that mostly worked out cause it was still yummy anyways. Milk is nice but I guess I don’t need it. 🙂

Then I had a lotta people to talk to this morning, and I helped pick out some things at school. I hope I made a good decision and I guess I’m gonna find out!

After lunch the cleaning people came and got everything all cleaned up and now it’s nice and shiny and clean and I like that. It even smells nice and clean!

Then school ended and I went to the salon for a little bit and got my fur groomed nicely. It looks good, too. Tomorrow I’m going to get my headfur all trimmed up and I bet I look great afterwards but I wanted to get stuff done tonight, too, so I did!

Then last I talked to one of my friends for a few hours and I went to Rocket City and I hung out there with people so I could unwind and get ready for bed. Nite nite!

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 12th, 2018

Today was a day of seeing the vet, talking to people, getting zapped, and saying bye bye to a friend for now!

This morning I went to the paw vet to get my paws looked at ’cause one of them is gonna get surgeried in a few weeks and he looked at them again and took an X-Ray and it’s like “oh that’s why this hurts so much” and now I know and now I know what the vet is gonna do to fix it ’cause it hurts a lot and I am sure I will be writing about that a lot in the future.

Then I went to school and talked to a lot of people and it was okay and we talked a whole lot and then we ran outta coffee so I was like “if you make the pot run dry, please make more” and a lot of people said thank you to me for saying that so I guess it was okay!

This afternoon I went to get zapped and I got zapped a lot and it hurt but it wasn’t that bad really and I’m almost done! My fur looks a lot better now and I’m glad it’s almost done and I’m gonna be happy when it is.

After that I met up with some people from school and we had dinner and I liked that and then at the end me and a friend walked all the way to the ferry building and then they waited for my ferry to come and I really enjoyed it. It is harder and harder to tell them good bye each time and this one was suuuuuuuper hard. But there will be a next time so it’s not all bad.

Also this happened:

Screenshot 2018-12-12 22.11.08
Oh no.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 11th, 2018

Today was a day of more talking to people at school! I did a lotta talking. Like a whole lot. Way more than normal.

I got up super early today so that I could get to San Francisco early and I did but then I ended up staying late so I guess that was okay.

Before lunch I did a lotta talking to people like that’s all I did alllll day. Sooo much talking. And not a lotta emails which I don’t like but that’s just how it went!

Oh! I did somethin new for lunch. I went to a place right next to school for a bowl of stuffs and I got rice and chicken and salsa and it was really good! I’m sad I didn’t know it was there until today because I really liked it, but I have eatin a lot of junk food in the last two days and I am ready to get back to normal.

After lunch I did more talkin to people! SOoooooooo much talkin.

Then we had dinner at school, and I really liked it. I got to talk to a bunch of people face-to-face and we joked a lot about the thing we were workin on at school and it was funny ’cause I was in the room with a lot of the smartest people at school and we couldn’t figure out how own thing worked and wow it was hard but we figured it out mostly.

Tomorrow I gotta do a kinda normal Wednesday so I gotta get to bed now so that I can sleep so nite nite!

….and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 10th, 2018

Today was a day of bein busy at school do I don’t got a ton to talk about cause I don’t liketa talk about school in my diary cause it’s boooooooooring.

I got up suuuuper early cause that’s normal when I gotta go into San Francisco and I got all clean and got dressed and then got breakfast and that was okay. When I got to San Francisco I saw some of the kids from my class and I said hi to them.

After a while they were like “Bunny where do we get coffee?!” and I was like “I KNOW WHERE COFFEE IS!!!!!!” so I took them to the good coffee place that I like and they liked it and that worked out okay.

Then for lunch I showed people where a sandwhich shop is and I liked that, too. Some people were like “wow this is really far away” and I am like “it was just a few blocks?” but I forget that I’m such a good hopper that distance is all messed up for me cause I can hop a mile without even thinkin about it and some people don’t wanna do that unless they gotta.

Then after school we went to a Chinese place and I got this noodle thing that was amazing and I liked that too. And then after that I took a long hop back to the ferry cause I had almost an hour to kill and then I got home!

When I got home I cleaned up my hair really nicely and then went to go visit in Rocket City and talked to Lit some and now it’s time for bed and I gotta do it alllll over again tomorrow too.

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 9th, 2018

Today was a day of hangin out with a friend and having a good time!

I had a very lazy morning where I didn’t do very much except for load the dishwasher and make the house small nice cause I like the smell that it makes when it’s running and then I put the dishes away afterwards.

After that I watched a lotta videos on YouTube and then accidentally took a nap in the big green chair but that’s okay cause I could use it and it all worked out okay ’cause sometimes naps aren’t the worst thing evers.

Then after that I went and met up with a friend and we had a good time!

We went to one of my favorite places for lunch and I liked that ’cause I got dindin, and then we went to my favorite place that sells that apple juice for grownups but it was super loud in there so that wasn’t so fun but we made it work.

I got a pink apple juice and it was amazing and I really enjoyed it and my friend got a dessert to share and we did and that worked out good ’cause I got some of it and I liked it and I’d never really had a bread pudding before but it was very yummy.

Then we went to go find some place that was quieter but that didn’t work out very good ’cause the first place we went was too full and super noisey so we went to a different place and that worked out okay cause we were basically there alone.

I got just a Diet Coke there cause I’d had a lot of apple juice and I wanted to be okay and eventually I was and then I went home and had a shower and I am suuuuper happy right now cause I like hangin out with my friend a lot. 💜

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

December 8th, 2018

Today was a day of helping find bunnies homes, watchin a movie, and learnin that the cookie dough flavor of the snack things my doctor recommended to me are grosssssss.

This mornin I went and picked up three bunnies at the shelter and put them in my car to take them to help find them homes! This was all of the bunnies at the shelter and the lady at the front was like “okay, got it, no bunnies today!” and that was kinda cool cause they useta have like 40 at one point but now they’re down to just three and we’re all kinda proud of that.

When we got to the rabbit rescue event it wasn’t all that busy but it was nice to talk to people and three bunnies found their forever home which is awesome! It’s soooo nice when bunnies get homes like that.

None of the ones I brought from the shelter got adopted so I hadta take them back but I told them sorry and that we’d try again next week and they were like “I don’t care, there is a piece of banana in my cage now and that makes it all okay,” so I just let them nom the banana.

This evening I flopped on the sofa with Miss Bunny and the two of us watched a movie at home and I like that cause I have a good place at home to watch movies and it was nice to rent one and enjoy watchin it. I turned the computer off and everything so that I could watch it without gettin distracted and it worked good.

Oh! On the way home from the rabbit shelter I tried one of those bar things that my doctor recommended for when I get hungry but don’t want a lot of sugar and it was really icky. I got three different flavors to try it out but the cookie dough one is pretty gross and I won’t get one of those again.

After that I went to Rocket City for a while and hung out with people and I had a lot of fun and I showed someone the pool in the basement and they were like “THERE’S A POOL!?” and I was like “of course there is why wouldn’t there be?”

Tomorrow I gotta some chores and get ready for a buncha days goin to the city cause a bunch of people from my school are gonna be there that I don’t getta see much and it will be nice to see them.

…and that is the world according to Miss Bunny.