November 30th, 2018

Today was a day of school and relaxin’ and a good din din and watching TV and talking to people in Rocket City and stuffs.

I got up suuuuuuuper early cause I had a really rough night last night cause I got up a bunch of times and then when it was time to get up I really didn’t wanna but I knew it was school time so I did cause I didn’t wanna get in trouble. Hopefully tonight I sleep better and it will be okay!

School was mostly okay and I hadta talk to people for a while all by myself and I did a okay job and I am gettin better at that all the time cause it was really hard on me at first but the more I do it the better I am gettin. I never figured I would be a leader at school but now I am and I am learning how to do it as I go.

Lunch was the same thing as always and I’m not sure I really wanna do that anymore but it’s what I had so it’s what I ate. I am ready to learn how to do new things for lunch and stuff.

When school was over I went to get breakfast for dinner because breakfast is the best thing ever no matter what Mr. Lit might say.

When I got home I played around in Rocket City for a while and I talked to people and Mr. Silvers showed up and that was neat ’cause I haven’t seen him in forevers and it was good to talk to him. Also Miss Wood was there and Erika and Bean.

I gotta go to bed now and I just really wanna sleep good cause I am all worn out and the rabbit rescue isn’t tomorrow ’cause it’s on Sunday so I can sleep as late as I want!

…and that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

November 28th, 2018

Today I did not hurt as much as I thought I would! After takin’ a nap on the stairs at school yesterday I thought I was gonna be allllll hurty today and I am pretty sore and my right back leg has a really bad spot on it and my front right leg is kinda a mess but overall I am okay!

I was worried I wasn’t gonna be able to sleep good last night and it was kinda a problem but not super bad cause I liketa sleep on my side and I wasn’t really able to do it last night but I managed to get sleep anyhow. I got up kinda late but I needed it so it’s all okay I think. I wasn’t late for school or anything.

School was pretty normal compared to yesterday and I talked to a bunch of people and I told my class what happened yesterday and they were like “Oh no Bunny, don’t do that again,” and I was like “Okay, I’ll try not to.” I like that they care about me and don’t want me to do it again but it’s not like I wanted to do it the first time so I dunno if I’ll be able to prevent it or not but I will do my best to try!

I tried to get someone to frame a cool drawing someone made me of myself today but I couldn’t find a place ’cause the place I thought did it had moved or something? I guess I will try again tomorrow!

After school I had a biiiiig bowl of pasta for dinner and then watched TV and talked to a friend for a bunch of hours and I liked that.

When I got to Rocket City Erika was pretending to be a plushie on the table so I pretended with her and we talked to people that came in for a while and then I had to go to bed so I went and hopefully tomorrow is an even better day than today.

It’s pooouring rain right now and I am not scared and I like the sound it makes on the roof and on the vent thingy in the bathroom. It goes ping ping ping ping pignping ping on the vent and I know it’s raining before I can hear it on the roof because I hear it on the vent.

…and thats’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

November 26, 2018

Today started off weird ’cause I had a crazy dream last night and well I have crazy dreams every night but this one was more than normal!

I had a dream that I was invited to speak at a church but no one told me what kind talk they wanted me to give which is hard on me cause I can end a couple of different ways with Leaving the Flock and I didn’t know what they wanted. Soooo to try to figure that out I looked for their bulletin on the Internet and I found it but it was just full of math stuffs and didn’t help and was even more confusing than when I started.

Someone came to help me but when they got there a few furries showed up but they weren’t in fursuit but they had on tails and stuff. I didn’t understand why that was, but it happened. Then when the person that came to help me started someone from school walked in all naked and I got suuuper embarrassed cause I felt bad for them and that’s when I woke up.

School was pretty normal and I talked to a bunch of people and helped clean up a lot of messes that other people made but I helped make too which is why I decided to clean it up. That took almost all day but I did stop to have a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch with some applesauce. Oh and the applesauce was in a bowl and it wasn’t on the sandwich or anything ’cause that’d be gross.

Ooooh guess what I had for dinner?! Pizza! I loove pizza. It was really good and I was good and waited a bit before I ate it and I didn’t burn my mouth like I normally do and I’m proud of myself for that. I just sat there and played with my phone and let it cool off cause it hurts when it burns the roof of my mouth.

Then after that I took a bath and washed my hair and got it all clean and pretty. Now it smells really nice and it’s soft and it makes me happy to have it clean like that ’cause I don’t wash it very often ’cause of how long it takes.

After that I went to go hang out with people at Rocket City and there was a farting squirrel and it was gross at first and then really funny ’cause it didn’t stink but it made a funny noise. hehehe

I told my Mom goodnite and that I miss her and she told me that she’ll be home in 12 sleeps and I’m excited ’cause I miss her lots. Come home soon Mommy cause I miss you and I love you.

And that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.

November 25, 2018

Today was a day of a me bein late to somethin I don’t like bein late to and then spending a lot of time in Rocket City and thinkin about doing Christmas decorating but accidentally spending hours working on making things less laggy instead.

I slept in suuuuuuuper late cause I was really tried and my new blanket is soooo soft and nice and then I got breakfast like normal and I was about to go visit Rocket City but my phone beeped to tell me that I had ten minutes to be someplace that was 20 minutes away and I was like oh no! So I texted the person that I was gonna meet up with and said I was gonna be late and she said that was okay and then it all worked out and got my eyebrows done and everything is okay now.

Then I got a burrito for lunch and then came home and started making it Christmas time at Rocket City. I pulled the Christmas tree outta my pocket but realized that we’d used it the last two years and decided it was time for a new one so I rezzed a block and figured out that a 8m tall tree is about what I wanted so I went out to find one.

The first place I went to was sooooooooo laggy that I could barely move and I was like whoa and decided that I should go home and make sure that my place wasn’t like that cause it was really bad so I went home.

When I got home I started lookin for laggy things and then started removing them and replacing them with better things and that took like four hours and then it was time for dinner so I just had some leftover pizza and it was yummy.

I finished the day by hangin out at the fireplace with a bunch of people in Rocket City and then decided I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed but couldn’t get to bed, so I decided to just be creative and write stuffs so I did.

And that’s the world according to Miss Bunny.